Merry Christmas from the St Lukettes

We will be feet up and tools down from Christmas Day until the 5th of January. In December’s Newsletter we just thought of things that we want you to buy us, we hope it helps because we are very fussy!

10 Christmas gift ideas between $10 and $150

Langridge Rust and Verdigris Base Introductory set

You wanted it and Langridge brought it back. Mum and Dad won’t know what hit them. Next time you go over to their house the pots will be bronzed and the gnome may have rusted. A great gift for people with absolutely no artistic talent. It’s fool proof and highly satisfying to use. Put it on anything and watch surfaces transform, Rome can be built in a day and if it needs rusting you know who to see. $30.80

Golden Fluid Set of 10 colours

Do you know someone who is creating with products that they bought at the hardware store? If the answer is yes then you need to buy them this set of paints stat. It’s obviously an emergency and the only way to help is with a Golden intervention. The best Acrylic paint in the world, packaged up in a box for those suffering from a serious case of Duluxitis. $97.30

Langridge’s Oil Stick Set

Like drawing with lipstick, Langridge’s oil stick set is the perfect excuse to glam up your paintings without cross-dressing or applying any make up. Let go of those tight lines and draw your painting like you mean it. $79.70

Foldable Field Easel

Going to the country? Going on holidays this January? Have easel will travel, will be the catch cry of any lucky left brainer that receives one of these lightweight travel easels this Christmas. It’s only $48.60……Yes that’s what I said

Giant Hogs Hair Scenic Paint Brush

For the Artist who needs something that no one else has. Brushes don’t get any bigger. Think painting while standing back from the canvas, (way back) because this baby is 90 cm long. $20.90

St Luke’s Three Kings gift set of gold, frankincense and myrrh

An annual event for St Luke, the Three Kings gift set is about being alchemical and not so much about being artistic. Everyone needs gold and if you haven’t smelt Frankincense and Myrrh, then you don’t know how amazing resins can be. Light a charcoal tablet with a little piece on top and absorb the historical vapours. $49.95

Marseille Soap

Great for you, great for your brushes, stay clean this Christmas with a little olive oil love straight from France. $11.75

Langridge’s Professional Oil Paint wooden box set

The Supreme gift of love: professional paint for an artist of any age. Start with the best oil paint and mediums and don’t look back or sideways or down because you’re a star. With these tubes of pumped up pigment you will be putting other painters to shame. Viva le Langridge. $198.00

Golden’s set of Gels and Mediums

An introduction to the uninitiated – Golden’s Gels and Mediums can do just about anything; self level, softly gloss, fibre up or run like tar. $46.00

t Luke Gift Voucher

Available at any amount; for anyone who has an inclination towards the creative. $1000,000,000

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