Low Toxic Solvent & Mediums

As artists we occasionally need to use our brains. If you use oil paint in your practice you will be familiar with the joys of inhaling distilled gum turps. If you are particularly naughty the odour of supermarket bought turps will be something you are also familiar with, but please, don’t tell us about your bad studio habits. The St. Lukettes are here to let you know that we love your brain and you should too. Langridge combats the history of artists gone mad by bringing you Low Toxic and Non-toxic professional artist materials.

Langridge Low Toxic Solvent

Langridge Low Toxic Solvent is different to other “Odourless” Solvents on the market.
It’s not just deodorised, it’s 84% less toxic. Yes, 84%! Of course it can’t do everything distilled gum turps can do, like dissolve Damar but it can do enough for you to have no excuses against using it in your studio practice. Odourless Solvents may not smell like poison but they are.

Mix Low Toxic Solvent with your paint mediums or clean your brushes. No more headaches. No more awful smells.

Langridge Low Toxic Paint Medium

That same great stand oil base, except made with Low Toxic Solvent. You know Langridge have street cred for making the best oil painting mediums and this one is:
-Great for wet in wet painting, soft blending and glazes
-A classic all rounder
-Completely necessary

Langridge Low Toxic Gel Medium

When you want oil paint to dry yesterday, try this. Touch dry in 18-36 hours, you can build up layer upon layer. This medium holds robust paint marks but is also great for glazing and extending oil colour.

Langridge Safe-Gel

Now we are getting totally non-toxic. Completely solvent free, Safe-Gel is ideal for delicate types who flare up at any provocation. Extend your oil colour whilst maintaining structured marks. This medium is slow drying so you can save your brain cells and have time to think about what you are doing. Great if you’re up the duff!

Langridge Safe-Clean-Up

Super brush restorer! Non-toxic and solvent free. Clean your brushes of oil and acrylic paint with this coconut oil based product. It is like a moisturiser for your brushes, they will last way longer and keep their shape better than if you use turpentine.

Langridge Safe-Impasto

A paint extender that is for big mark making and impasto techniques. Based on Linseed oil, this medium contains no phosphates or skin irritants. Safe-impasto is slow drying due to the omittance of solvents.

Exclusive only to St. Luke

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