Lecture: Golden Artist Colours 31st May

Focus on Golden Gels, Grounds and Acrylic Colour.

Why are golden paints different? Merryn Trevethan will be conducting a 2 hour lecture explaining various techniques and applications of Acrylic Paint and Mediums. This is your chance to unlock the secrets of what acrylic can really do and see how Golden has pushed the boundaries of their product. If you draw, print, photograph, paint in oil or use any other medium then there is something that Merryn can show you that will apply to your own studio practice. Merryn will be taking questions at the end of the talk and will be available to answer any queries you may have.

This special afternoon lecture is free and all clients who attend will receive a 20% discount on all Golden products on the day.

31st May 3pm t0 5pm @ St. Luke. Please RSVP to info@stlukeart.com

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