Golden Acrylics: Fluid, Heavy Body & Open

Whats The Difference?

Choosing the right Acrylic could dramatically change the ease and success with which you work. St Luke is the home of Golden Acrylics in Australia so we can help you to choose the right product to help you create the effects that you desire. Here is a short rundown of the types of acrylic paint that Golden produces. All heavily pigmented and made to a professional quality Golden paint is like no other brand and handles like the rolls royce of acrylic art materials.

Fluid Acrylics have a thin, pourable viscosity with an equally strong pigment load to heavy body acrylics. Fluids are ideal for artists who like to create smooth paint surfaces and thin washes of colour.

Heavy Body Acrylics have a high viscosity that’s designed to hold a brushstroke and spread like butter with a palette knife. Heavy Body acrylics are free form fillers and matting agents making them one of the most popular paints in the world.

Open Acrylics have a creamy viscosity for applying thin layers of paint used in traditional blending techniques. Created with a unique polymer dispersion, Open can remain wet on the palette for days and are interchangeable with all gels and mediums.

St Luke is now stocking a new book by the Master of all Golden Acrylic Patti Brady. Rethinking Acrylic, radical solutions for exploiting the world’s most versatile medium. This book contains everything you need to know about using acrylics; from manufacture through to surfaces, mediums and applications. Rethinking Acrylic retails for just $39.95 and you can purchase it from St luke via postal order or in the store.

For more information on Golden or Patti Brady please visit the Golden Website.

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