For Artists, By Artists. A glance at the history of Langridge

With so much to know about materials, St Lukettes have to remind ourselves and our lovely customers that the beautiful products we are selling come into existence not far from where they are sold. Langridge Artist Colours began its life in 1992 on Langridge street in Collingwood. David Coles’ passion for art materials compelled him to start making his own, and so Langridge was born.

With a commodity of information, a willingness to be transparent and a collection of recipes divined for their permanence and workability, each product Langridge makes comes into being with the utmost care. Fine artist grade materials travel from the four corners of the world to find their way into Langridge’s house recipes. These carefully selected ingredients are then packaged into a clear bottle or jar with the synonymous black and white Langridge label.

St Luke is very lucky to be the home of Langridge and we stock the full range of products including hard to find raw materials and limited edition pigments. The following Langridge products are all made locally and available at St Luke:

Professional Oil Colours, Pigmented Inks, Oil Sticks, Paint Binders, Decorative Products, Oil Paint Mediums, Varnishes, Primers.

Langridge has grown so much through customer dedication over the past 20 years that manufacturing now exists in a bespoke factory in Yarraville. The best part about having art material manufacturers a stones throw away is that you can always get an answer to a tricky question, order extremely large quantities and feel assured that you are buying locally made products.

Langridge has been recognised for its hard work and dedication internationally and is now the distributor of the world’s leading brand of Acrylics, Golden. The cult brand of handmade paint from New York; Williamsburg is also partnered with Langridge for their Australian distribution. When buying a Langridge product you are purchasing a product that was born from a dedication to helping, listening and enabling Artists to create. When you shop at St Luke, more than likely you are being served by a practising Artist and taking home a product that was made by one.

If you would like to know more, please follow the link to the Langridge website or bring you queries to a St Lukette. We are always happy to share our knowledge and the history of our companies, because we are a little bit chuffed about it.

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