Brush Sale

Time to Brush Up! Are those rough housed wooden sticks with a couple of hairs on the end in need of an update? At the heart of St Luke’s Collingwood store lies a treasure trove of Synthetics, Bristles, Badgers, Taklons, Mops, Sash and Hakes waiting to be put to good use.

Sale Ends October 9

We have organised more stock with more discounts to make our Brush Sale Better than ever. Discounts range from 20%-50% and we recommend buying in bulk to get the most for your money. St Lukettes are on hand to answer your questions about brush types and applications, we are big advocators for brush care and matching the right tool to the job. Make your painting life easier and at the sale you can try before you buy.

40% Off Arches Kolinsky & Sqirrel Brushes
Kolinsky are the finest sable hairs grown in Siberia and colder climates to ensure the hair length is longer than regular sable brushes. With a longer length out of hair from the metal ferrule to the tip of the brush, drawing up a lot of liquid and laying it down with complete accuracy means this brush is one of the finest tools for detail and control that a painter can own. Kolinsky has excellent spring and snap making it ideal for fine detail in oil and watercolour.

Hand made in France our Squirrel Mops and Squirrel round brushes are made by hand ensuring the quality comes from the craft and skill of the artisan who made them. Handmade brushes will last longer with the right care and out perform their factory made counterparts. Invest in the best and be rewarded with the right mark every time. Secret Squirrels are perfect with the worlds best watercolour….Schmincke of course.

30% Off Packs
We are taking 30% of all packs of brushes… nuff said! No really we have every size and shape of Chungking Bristle, from the largest Round to the the tiniest flat. Student sets in Taklon and Bristle starting at $6.60 for those who like to treat em’ mean. Detail Master Packs with hair liners, triple zeros and tiny mops for specialty paintwork. Bulk amounts of synthetic flats and rounds. Stock is limited so first in…

40% Off Bob Ross
Some of you may know Bob Ross and the T.V paint tricks he gets up to. At St Luke we don’t prescribe to any celebrity except the kind of celebrity that comes from providing a great sale to our customers (are we famous yet?). We have bought in this specialty stock for our sale and specialty is the key word. Bob Ross releases brushes for foliage and scenery but we know a spade when we see one and his line of large sash brushes, Mongoose Flats and Goat Hair Blenders for large scale are good quality and at this discount the staff are buying them!

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